Finding beauty Daily journal Entry


Today I tackled the assignment of finding beauty within my space. There are many lovely things in Aid. The deserts table comes to mind. There are glass lamps in the lobby each with a different design. The social atmosphere there is also beautiful as anyone could sit with any group and join the conversation. All of these things are beautiful however most people agree that Yavon(the lady shown above) is the most beautiful thing there. They may even argue that she is the best part of campus.

If you frequent Aid then you have more than likely run into here. She is known as the university grandma. She is so sweet and has tried to learn everyone’s name (that is over 2000!) She swipes everyone’s card as they go through to eat, but she has been known to let a few people slip through if they forgot there card. She is always making something with her knitting needles and often gifts her creations to students. Yavon is always excited to hear about the latest art projects and consistently checks up on everyone to make sure they are doing alright.

Yavon makes the college experience so much more enjoyable for most everyone here. Say anything bad about her and you may find yourself with 2000 enemies. Yavon you are a wonderful person, thank you for everything you have given us, and all you continue to give us. We love you. Never change.



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