The Gray Sludge Daily Journal Entry

Actual picture

The following is a fictitious story base partially on observation.

Ryan was a good cafeteria worker. He showed up on time, made the food, and often stayed late cleaning up. He liked his job and he enjoyed watching the students eating and interacting with each other. Yes overall he was happy with his life working at Alfred university.

The only thing that bothered Ryan was throwing out uneaten food. Now if a good portion had been taken and enjoyed then it was fine. Some leftovers were to be expected however after every breakfast there was a tray of gray goo that was never touched. Ryan was always disappointed to throw out a whole meal. Though it looked unappetizing it was fully nutritional and tasted fine in Ryan’s opinion. He often recommended it to students but was nearly always turned down.

One morning that was particularly busy Ryan snapped. The Sludge was once again going to be wasted. “Not today” he thought. Rather than throwing away the slop he kept it heated until closing.

Later that night he entered the dorm hall that was a few yards away. Slowly and carefully he entered each room picking the locks. He proceeded to gag and tie up students and seek them into the mess hall. When about 50 students had been gathered they were all tied to chairs. They were ungaged but told to keep quiet under uncertain penalties.

“Now I’m usually a reasonable guy.” Ryan said in an exasperated tone.” But I can’t stand wasted food, so now you are going to help me” his tone became more irritated as he spoke. “You have a choice, you can eat the food or you can be reported to the Dean and expelled.”

The students protested as the Sludge was served but eventually it was eaten. The students were unaware but they had been drugged. A special addictive ingredient had been added to the food making desirable above any other food. The students are and craved the food after a single bit. The food would no longer be wasted and Ryan was happy.


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