Kidnapping Alessio

For my project we preformed a very simple act of kidnapping Alessio as he was in his natural position of napping.

In our first run of the performance the hall was nearly empty except for a few staff members who were highly annoyed and threatened to turn the lights.

Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-09-10.png
Here is the initial pick up
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-10-18.png
Here comes the mob
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-10-46.png
Push the button to open the door
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-10-59.png
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-11-14.png
And the door doesn’t work 
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-11-43.png
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-11-58.png
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-08-12-48.png

The performance was a lot of fun (other than annoying the workers). It was very playful but still took some coordination to achieve.

The second performance was during dinner with a slightly filled mess hall. It was a lot more nerve wreaking and we got some strange looks from people.


Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-45-31.png
Prep for mission part 2
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-47-57.png
Onward mob
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-46-50.png
People staring 
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-48-32.png
Worker on looking

Sidebar I love this guy. Most of the workers seemed generally irritated with us, but he just laughed and enjoyed the performance.

Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-48-17.png
So Sleepy
Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-48-44.png
Night Alessio

This project was a ton of work but it was also fun. I particularly liked making a seance when people were around to enjoy it. I guess that is the gist of what we did. Anyway…


Displaying Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-49-04.png
Peace Out

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And the musical styling of everyone recorded by Andrew







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