New Space

We have been focused on Ade for quite a while now so it is time for a change of space. We are getting into new groups and exploring a new space. Our space of choice is my work place, the Moka Joka.

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Moka Joka

The Moka Joka is a Public cafe within the art building of harder hall. Many students basically live within the building and so this place is visited by almost everyone in the the building at some point. It is a social space, but it is also a place of business. There are some rules but almost anything is allowed with in the social space.

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Mental map of space

Research could begin by getting comfortable in the space. Many people visit but few stay for very long. Getting comfortable and people watching for a few hours may prove interesting.

For making a commotion I recommend staging a sleep in in the space. We don’t need to stay all night but at least for an hour after it closes. Because so few people stay around it may be interesting to see what people do when there is a group sleeping on the benches of the cafe.

Another way we could create commotion is a short seance, walk in while they are open sit down at the counter and then just sit in silence for 10 mins, then leave. No explanation just Quiet. People come in all the time to talk without getting food, but i wonder what the silence will do.

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In light of the election
Displaying 20161110_180202.jpg
Still supportive space 

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