Space Exploration

This week we were asked to explore the space as a group and individually. We came up with 80 ways to experiment in the space which are listed bellow. they are divided into the categories of absurd, boring, silent, and other.

Displaying 20161114_175020.jpg

Displaying 20161114_175014.jpgDisplaying 20161114_175007.jpgDisplaying 20161114_175027.jpgIndividually we explored the space in several different ways.

The space is very comfortable and many people like to stand around in their socks so I decided to sketch them.

Displaying 20161116_152853.jpg
stripped socks
Displaying 20161116_153003.jpg
Teddy bear socks

I recorded the spinet of a conversation of a conversation in the serving area.

This is a drawing from my favorite place to sit in the Moka Joka.

Displaying 20161116_152908.jpg
Best Seat

These are drawings from around the sitting space on the walls.

Displaying 20161116_152903.jpg
On the walls

Sales during my shift.

Displaying 20161115_162814.jpg
slow sale day

Over heard a conversation during my stream of consciousness… sorry Andrew.


Displaying 20161116_152924.jpg

Picture of my favorite thing.

Displaying 20161112_154911.jpg
Bagel Menu

The little details

This video is me walking through the space.

then we worked together to explore the space.

This is an image of us all sitting in our favorite seats.

Displaying 20161114_184213.jpg

This is a video of Sara lunging through the space to measure it.

For more information about the space check out these blogs.


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