Project say something nice

This was a fairly simple final project but it was good because it brought so much happiness to the people who became involved. The basic plan was to write complements on index cards and pass them out to people, first in the Moka Joka and then out in the public.

Limitation: can’t mention anything about physical appearance

This was our first run through.

Carly is giving the note and I am filming the reaction on my phone secretly, so that the reaction is genuine. It went well and see appeared extremely happy to get a random compliment.

The next part was done on my own.

Displaying 20161129_110129.jpg

This is a record of the cards I passed out in the Moka Joka and the reactions I received. Occasionally there was no reaction, but all reactions that I did get were positive ones.

Displaying 20161129_185136.jpg

Here is a picture of my group mates working late into the night as we took the project to the streets.

Displaying 20161129_183419.jpg

As it got later we decided to put some nice messages on cars, we didn’t get to see the responses to that but we hope that the people had a better day because of them.

Displaying 20161129_183504.jpg

We got tons of reactions on the streets. Lot’s of thank yous and confused looks. We had one guy run away scared of us, but by far my favorite reaction was one of kindness returned. In response to our simple note of kindness one lady went into the Terra Cotta and came out with four hot chocolates for our group. It was such a kind gesture and one that I won’t soon be forgetting.



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