Patch work

As a final assignment for our class we were told to create merit badges for everyone in our old groups, everyone in our new groups, and  one special badge for a stand out person.

Displaying 20161203_140049.jpg

This is the badge I made for my new group. The stickers we on cards that we handed out to people on the streets as we tried to make their days better.


Displaying 20161203_140100.jpg
Good Human Bean

This is the one I made for my old group. They were all very supportive of me and didn’t push me too hard when I had a panic attack. This and because we were around food so much is why they got this bean. Plus it glows in the dark.

Displaying 20161202_090340~2.jpg
Allies Patch

This is the last one that I made and it went to Sara. She is so kind and accepting, and one of the first people I came out to here. She respects me and my pronouns as she would anyone’s. She is inspiring and I wish the world had more people like her in it.Thank you Sara.

On to patches others gave me.


Displaying 20161203_140039.jpg
Just This

This Badge speaks for itself and is an accurate summation of the whole class. so moving on.


Displaying 20161203_140106.jpg
always this

Again speaks for itself, also my personal favorite of the patches I received, assignment accurate, class accurate.


Displaying 20161203_140111.jpg

I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Displaying 20161203_140116.jpg
prisoner 14,311

You see it too right?

Displaying 20161203_140056.jpg
Stick thing

This one is less obvious but the person didn’t care enough to make pretty patches. They are taking art as a major, they can do better but the said f*ck that Sh*t.


Displaying 20161203_140150.jpg
Bird Pal Patch

Similar to the above, minimal effort, however this one is personalized to me, the bird referencing my pet, Green.

Displaying 20161203_140155.jpg

I don’t know, it is about aid. Not sure what the words significance is? no me neither.

Displaying 20161203_140203.jpg
Ade 8

Yes I like this one, I’m Pretty sure there were 9 of us though, but I will let it slide. Not like I can do anything about that now.

Displaying 20161203_140146.jpg
The Spoooooons

About the caption, you will only know about that if you went to my summer camp. Anyway The craft-ship is good but also simple. It is a nice symbol for the project considering how much we took from the cafeteria.


Displaying 20161203_140137.jpg
From Sara

Oh look a positive patch. It is from Sara, That makes a lot of sense. Love you girl!


Displaying 20161203_140127.jpg
From the teachers

This is the super official looking merit badge that I am Sure was easier to make then ours were.


Displaying 20161203_140225.jpg
Smiley Hot Coco

Not a Patch just something the Moka Joka crew created for the back of our vests to be cool.



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