Print making with Jenny Robinson

Jenny Robinson



Jenny Robinson has been working to find new ways of printing that are no toxic and more economical. She uses cardboard or illustrator board coated with watered down wood varnish.

Please note that it is important to have a nice looking assistant.


She recommends drawing the design on the board first then sealing the surface with the wood varnish. Coat the board using a soft brush to avoid lines forming. Later it twice allowing the first layer to dry first, then leaving the second overnight.

Sand paper can be used to smooth out any bubbles that may have formed.

For carving out the design she recommends a diamond tip dermal or a dry needle point tool. Though a exacto knife will work in a pinch.

Coating the paper in charcoal will allow the lines to be seen better.

When you cut remember that you are only trying to remove the top layer of varnish. Cardboard can be used for 6 or 7 prints only so getting the darks are important. The print will be lighter than it looks on the board.

Prushin blue or ultramarine cam be added to ink to cool the work down. Reds will warm it up.

The paper needs to be wet to print property so the first thing she does before working is put the paper in a water bath to get it ready.

Printing press

Coat the board in ink and push it nicely in to the grooves. Wipe of areas you want lighter. Then clean up the edges. When you are happy with the ink distribution place paper on top of it and run it through the printing press under two blankets using alot of pressure. Then check the print and see if improvements need to be made.

Final product



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