Joan Livingstone


“At Capacity” (55 parts on wall), “Afterwards” (14 parts on floor)

At Capacity (55 parts on wall), Afterwards (14 parts on floor) is a work created by Joan Livingstone in 1998-2000.The work measured  112 in x 180 in x 12 over the walls, and in 24 in x 112 in x 112 in over the floor. The parts were created with epoxy resin, rubber, and pigment. They were created as part of her Variable Quantities/Ingestions series.

She is famous for taking flexible items and creating fixed works with them.The artist’s materials, through which she conveys the idiosyncrasies of our corporeal nature, range from stitched felt to translucent resin.

This work called capacity seeks to push the limits of exactly that. How many things can fill a space before it is overfull. From this work she has found the answer to be 69.

Livingstone has the willingness to pursue the phenomenological implications of body-based sculptural practice which gives her art a keen relevance within postmodern philosophical construction of reality as a dynamic


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