Soapy Sheep

For this project we began with a full shaven sheep and some buckets of soap and water. The task was to turn the wool strips into felt, then into a three dimensional object, and finally a piece on the wall.

Displaying 20170220_093738.jpg

Here is the wool pile we were given. We cleaned and organized it into strips facing the same direction.

Displaying 20170220_093741.jpg

We layer the strips so that there were three sections of wool, two in the same direction and the middle in the opposite for strength. Wrap them in plastic or a rice mat and submerge in hot water. Rub vigorously for around 4 minutes. Open the rice mats add soap, close the mat, and rinse with hot water. Then set with cold water and leave to dry.

Displaying 20170220_093747.jpg

Here is our drying wool sheets, once dried it was easy to sow the sheets around items.

Displaying 20170221_170830.jpg

Here is the 3D glory. Finally cut them apart and tack to a wall. Because it is a funny material we tried to send a humorous message.

Displaying 20170221_175246.jpg

Hopefully it comes through for you.


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