Ink and Others

This is my final blog post for the see lab class. It contains images of my ink printings as well as other temporary installations that were created during the course of this class.

Displaying 20170228_102004.jpg

This was created to be the intimate piece. It shows me showering, which is a private moment. The print is unfortunately very dark and the shower lines come across more like harsh sun beams according to my class. If I redo this work I would try and get more variation in tones, start with a smaller piece of acetate, and work on scale.

Displaying 20170228_102027.jpg

This was the public piece and again it is very dark. A suggestion I liked was to do the letters in negative so they are easier to read, as well as less creepy. I also spelled whatever wrong so that would be fixed.

Displaying 20170228_101949.jpg

This is the comfortable piece. It is kind of childish, but it is the work I liked the most as the tonal variations are more noticeable. This is the work I created Last and I learned from experience in making the other two pieces. I would add a shadow to the Squirrel so he looks less like he is floating other than that I am rather happy with this work.

Displaying 20170213_074955.jpg
Childhood Scientific Mishap

This work is created on a wall using Masking tape. The black works well, however it is a bit hard to see on the gray doors so moving locations would probably make the work stronger. The distortion is fun though and I would like to keep that. I also forgot to take into account that doors move so the project fell down several times. That was easily fixed by cutting the tape. The circles were a pain to create but they really add to the work. If I redid this I would Make the pill bottle larger and try to keep the tape the same width.

Displaying 20170123_100737.jpg

Group Collage this was created from four still lives drawn by myself and three other artists. We each used a different medium and were able to put this together in under and hour. It turned out well for such limited time, but allowing it to spread out, and be less clumped together would have added to the work.

Displaying 20170130_101137.jpg

This is my personal collage. It has words in the background, obscured natural environments, and people in the for ground. One of the comments was that it was to predictable and constricted because of the double cross pattern. I need the work to breath a bit more than it is. Having the people on a clear background was nice because you could see over and between them.


This is the empty a pen project. My doodles were very childish when I drew them, so when I added color I kept the childish feel. I used water colors and colored pencils to achieve the vibrant colors. The purple background gives it a surrealistic feeling, and also helps individual figures to pop out. It is a bit hard to figure out what is happening in this picture but it is almost like an I spy book in that way. When Cut into cubes it added a bright splash of color to the surrounding area that was somewhat dull previously.


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