Kidnapping Alessio

For my project we preformed a very simple act of kidnapping Alessio as he was in his natural position of napping. In our first run of the performance the hall was nearly empty except for a few staff members who were highly annoyed and threatened to turn the lights. The performance was a lot of… Continue reading Kidnapping Alessio


Bring outside Indoors

This explores an instillation created by a group of fellow artists. Included is a description, evaluation, and information from one of the original artists.

The Gray Sludge Daily Journal Entry

The following is a fictitious story base partially on observation. Ryan was a good cafeteria worker. He showed up on time, made the food, and often stayed late cleaning up. He liked his job and he enjoyed watching the students eating and interacting with each other. Yes overall he was happy with his life working… Continue reading The Gray Sludge Daily Journal Entry


Finding beauty Daily journal Entry

Today I tackled the assignment of finding beauty within my space. There are many lovely things in Aid. The deserts table comes to mind. There are glass lamps in the lobby each with a different design. The social atmosphere there is also beautiful as anyone could sit with any group and join the conversation. All… Continue reading Finding beauty Daily journal Entry


Quiet café

Typical lunch period at Aid with added commentary from my self and information on the location.


Hello World

Hi readers. Welcome to my class blog. Enjoy.